The LIFE Part...

Episode 04:: Homeschooling and Values 


I've been a Stay At Home Mom for 9 years. Homeschooling for all 9 of those years... Y'all praying for me or naw??? 🥴😅 

What does it look like? How is the setting? Lol Her thoughts? What are some things I teach our daughter?


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Episode 02 :: STILL SCARED of Flaws... In 2022?!? 

We all wake up with no makeup! Who convinced us our face without makeup is... Flawed??? Are you, as a woman, comfortable in your skin?  Or...

Do feel your morning face is... shot? 😆🥴

If you are dissatisfied with the way you look, have you considered answering the question ((Why???)) ... What makes you believe makeup is what makes you look "better"? ... If you ask me, beauty marketing has done its job 100 times over. We have at least 3 generations of women who really believe they NEED makeup on in order to be "desirable"...

It doesn't stop with just makeup either... Need I talk about the grand marketing that has been done regarding hair??? 

What are your personal experiences with beauty? Where you taught that you, alone without makeup, are enough? What are your thoughts?

Fashion. Music. Life

The LIFE Part

Episode 01 :: WARNING... Reset but Back... 

Been a minute but I'm back. At some point in life we all experience hardship.

I understand when being in a dark place it's HARD to believe things will get better. I've been there before. I want to encourage you to keep going. Learn from LIFE'S difficulties. Practice encouraging yourself.

When our mind is in a dark place, it's usually because we have rehearsed negative thoughts in our mind. We may constantly expect the worst outcome to happen in our lives. Or we may allow disappointments to linger in our mind. Feeling sad, hurt or disappointed is not a bad thing. There's a time for everything. It's only when we keep our mind stuck in that place for extended periods of time, it can become harmful to our body.

The brain is powerful. I pray that you feed it good things to help it grow better during dark days.


What do you think? Are you intentional with your thoughts? How do you view trials in life?

Fashion. Music. Life

The LIFE Part